Florence Private Guide


The churches of Florence are not only the expression of a spiritual meaning, but they were among the first patrons of the artists.

I believe that a tour in the churches of Florence is not only interesting for those who feel close to the Christian religion but also for those who profess another religion or who has no religion.

The reason is that in Florence is impossible to divide religion from history, economy, social life, there is always a religious or social or economic reason behind the art in a particular direction

For example:

How painting and architecture changed after the Council of Trent (XVI century) ? In churches you can see it very well.

Why there are so many private chapels inside the churches? Were the Florentine families really so religious?

Here are my 6 private guided Tours of the churches:

I guess you've never heard of the Brancacci Chapel in the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine right? Well, it's just the place where Michelangelo (and many others) have studied. The Brancacci Chapel was "THE SCHOOL OF THE WORLD". What else do you need to decide to do this private tour with me?  
If you need something quiet, well, do not choose this tour! A bit of fast data⁚ thirteenth-century, redesigned and literally turned 90 degrees in the fourteenth-century. Giotto, Masaccio, Brunelleschi etc. will accompany us during this private tour.
What an amazing place! One of the most important and known Florentine churches and one of the finest examples of the Florentine Gothic style. The Gothic architecture and the pointed arches of the naves will take us back to the Middle Ages  
I always feel a great responsibility every time I do my private tours inside the Florentine Cathedral (Duomo - Domus - house of God). Do not be distracted by the many other tourists, being in the Duomo of Florence is important considering the meaning that this church had/has/will have for the city of Florence.
Entering the Baptistery of Florence means feeling clearly something: the same sensations and emotions that already people like Giotto or Dante Alighieri felt in their time. I am sure that the very first thing you are going to do once you enter this place is to raise your eyes to admire the Gothic mosaics of the dome.
A journey into pure Romanesque style passing from the sublime art to the deep and intimate spirituality. A chest that protects unexpected treasures and offers a wonderful view of Florence from above. Here, more than anywhere else, you will feel that a church is a place for the soul.