Florence Private Guide

Florence Private GuideUffizi Gallery

The length for this private Tour is 2,5 hours

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* admission fees not included

What are we talking about

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence is one of the most important museums in Italy per number of visitors from all over the world. Many visitors of Florence are willing to come halfway around the world to visit “at least” this gem!!

Why a private guided tour here

During this visit, we will consider some of the most important masterpieces of this museum. The Uffizi Gallery is probably the only museum that hosts many works that were realized by the artists (centuries ago) not far at all from where we now see them! The eyes and the hands of those artists found inspiration for their works watching the same things, the same buildings, the same streets, the same sky that you can also look when you are in Florence today. In short, the Uffizi Gallery is a time machine that brings us closer to the thoughts and ideas of the masters of the Renaissance. Are you ready for a jump back in time?

Who and why

Obviously, we can not begin a private tour at the Uffizi Gallery without first talking about “who” needed this new building in Florence, “why” someone wanted it (the Uffizi wasn’t built to be a museum!) and “who” built it.

In other words, we will also talk about the… Medici family!

The artists

Some of the artists who will keep us company will be GiottoSimone MartiniGentile da FabrianoMasaccioFilippo Lippi(one of the teacher of Botticelli)Filippino Lippi(one of the students of Botticelli)Piero Della FrancescaBotticelli (video), Leonardo da VinciMichelangeloRaphaelTitianBronzinoVasari etc..


 Do we need to buy tickets in advance 

Yes, you do. I can reserve the tickets for you in advance and you will pay for the tickets once we get there.

 Will we skip the line with the advanced tickets?

We will skip the long/slow queue, we will have a shorter/faster queue. It is not possible to skip the queues completely.

 Is this museum and… your tour too boring for kids?

I think that every tour can be boring or not it depends on how a tour guide is able to be “on” during the tour. Besides that, you know your kids better than I do 🙂

 Do you seriously want to bring us through a museum for 2,5 hours?

Yes, I do, but don’t worry there is a bar inside the Uffizi Gallery if you need a break.

 Hmm, can we arrange this tour shorter than 2,5 hours?

Of course, you can. All my tours are tailor-made.

 Can we mix this tour with other tours?

Yes, you can.

Related tours

The New Duomo Museum is a clear example of a "well-done job ". Hundreds of works from 1300 to 1800 that are wonderfully well presented in a "new" designed space with a  modern conception, which makes it easier to use the spaces  Modern high-quality spaces supporting ancient high-quality works.
During this private tour we will visit the Crypt (where the Medici Grand Dukes are buried), the Chapel of the Princes (the actual mausoleum, with the cenotaphs of the Grand Dukes) and of course...the Michelangelo's New Sacristy !!    
A medieval palace, updated during the Renaissance, defined during the duchy of Cosimo de Medici (the second Duke of Florence and future first Grand Duke of Tuscany) with important internal works ordered to enhance the role of the new master of the city.  
Some people come to Florence to see at least the Michelangelo's David in the Accademia Gallery. Certainly, this museum is the home of the David, a finished masterpiece, but to understand Michelangelo's technique is necessary to look at what he left unfinished: The Prisoners!
During 1800 was still alive the memory of what was written centuries before: the presence in the Chapel of the Bargello Palace (a medieval Palace) of one of the first portraits of Dante Alighieri (the father of the Italian language) painted by Giotto and his workshop. Well, the discovery of Dante's portrait (a few square inches on a large wall !!) was the motivation for the total restoration of the building which in 1865 became the first national museum... the Bargello Museum.